• Ezyloader 125MH/RM

    No bed hogs allowed!

    The Ezyloader 125MH/RM, pictured in its retracted or stowed position, ready for the vehicle to drive away.

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  • Ezyloader 200MH

    Leave no stone unturned.

    This Ezyloader is using the Rock Grab accessory to grasp and lift a heavy boulder.

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  • Ezyloader 300MH

    The power at your fingertips!

    The Ezyloader 300MH, here fitted to a medium size truck, and using one of our Drum Lifter accessories to lift a heavy drum.

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  • Ezyloader Hideaway

    Jack in the Box!

    The Ezyloader Hideaway stores itself and deploys automatically from its own neat and compact storage box.

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  • Ezyloader Floor Mount

    Need BIG Lifting Power!

    The most powerful Ezyloader of all, able to lift loads from 250kgs (550lbs) to 1,000kgs.

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  • Ezyloader PM 500

    Have Grunt, Will Travel!

    The PM model is a heavy duty vehicle-mounted Ezyloader, able to go wherever it's needed and handle loads up to a hefty 500kgs

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Find the right Ezyloader for you

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Ezyloader = Easy Lifting!

  • Productivity +

    Simple one person operation. Using the Ezyloader is simplicity itself. Read More
  • Safety +

    Back injuries can ruin lives. Many workplace injuries are preventable. Read More
  • Technology +

    World-leading patented technology. Ezyloaders contain unique technology that is patented. Read More
  • Quality +

    Superb level of engineering. Pride in workmanship still exists.                       Read More
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