• Ezyloader 125MH/RM

    No bed hogs allowed!

    The Ezyloader 125MH/RM, pictured in its retracted or stowed position, ready for the vehicle to drive away.

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  • Ezyloader 200MH

    Leave no stone unturned.

    This Ezyloader is using the Rock Grab accessory to grasp and lift a heavy boulder.

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  • Ezyloader 300MH

    The power at your fingertips!

    The Ezyloader 300MH, here fitted to a medium size truck, and using one of our Drum Lifter accessories to lift a heavy drum.

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  • Ezyloader Hideaway

    Jack in the Box!

    The Ezyloader Hideaway stores itself and deploys automatically from its own neat and compact storage box.

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  • Ezyloader Floor Mount

    Need BIG Lifting Power!

    The most powerful Ezyloader of all, able to lift loads from 250kgs (550lbs) to 1,000kgs.

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  • Ezyloader PM 500

    Have Grunt, Will Travel!

    The PM model is a heavy duty vehicle-mounted Ezyloader, able to go wherever it's needed and handle loads up to a hefty 500kgs

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Find the right Ezyloader for you

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About Ezyloader

The original Ezyloader was an award-winning invention by Trevor Billet for a vehicle-mounted load lifter that became known as the Billet Easyloader (name later changed to the Ezyloader).

In 1998 the business devoted their time and resources exclusively to developing and manufacturing the patented Ezyloader load lifting system, which is now available in six different models.

The Ezyloader product has customers in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America and the Middle East. Our head office and production factory is based in Ballina, New South Wales, which is also the centre for research and development and customer technical support.

Ezyloader has been recognised by the Australian Federal Government. Its patented technology was nominated in the prestigious Australian Technology Showcase.

This forum is designed to provide national and international exposure for the country's best innovations.In 2008, the business was acquired by M & K Stafford Engineering Pty Ltd.

Ezyloader = Easy Lifting!

  • Productivity +

    Simple one person operation. Using the Ezyloader is simplicity itself. Read More
  • Safety +

    Back injuries can ruin lives. Many workplace injuries are preventable. Read More
  • Technology +

    World-leading patented technology. Ezyloaders contain unique technology that is patented. Read More
  • Quality +

    Superb level of engineering. Pride in workmanship still exists.                       Read More
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